Online Catalytic Converter Complaint Form

Some types of complaints filed with this office are: Identity theft, automobile related (warranty and disclosure), registration fraud, mileage fraud, registration evasion and title fraud. For complaints regarding title matters related to private sales please refer to the Private Sale Complaint Form.

This form will allow you to begin the complaint process. The information you provide is the foundation of our investigation. You cannot put "too much" information onto this complaint document.

Your complaint is very important to us and will be acted upon as soon as possible. The Detective assigned to your complaint will contact you at the appropriate time to discuss your complaint and obtain backup documentation.

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  Catalytic Converter Complaint Form








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You will be contacted by a Detective from this Agency to discuss your complaint. You may be asked to provide copies of your complaint (i.e. bill of sale, copy of title application, used car buyer's guide, license/ID, etc.). You are not limited to 1 page to describe your problem. Please be advised that just because you make this complaint does not in and of itself guarantee that your catalytic converter will be issued a state-assigned identification number.



Please read before submitting this request: I make this complaint in all honesty and agree to cooperate with all phases of this investigations, including court testimony if requested.

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