Motor Vehicle Dealer Definitions

Dealer: A person engaged in the business of buying, selling, exchanging or offering to negotiate, negotiating or advertising the sale of a vehicle or industrial equipment.

Equipment Dealer: Equipment dealer plates and a license may be issued to a person engaged in the manufacturing or buying and sell of: farm tractors with engines in excess of 40 horsepower, farm equipment, construction vehicles or equipment, or industrial vehicles or equipment. Unless otherwise prohibited, equipment dealer plates may be attached only for demonstration, emergency and service purposes.

Light Trailer Dealer: Light trailer dealer plates and a license may be issued to a person engaged in the manufacturing or buying and selling of trailers or semi-trailers with an unladen gross weight of 3,000 pounds or less.

Loaner: A dealer or an owner of a body shop, transmission shop or garage may apply for a loaner license and plates. A loaner plate may be used on a vehicle owned by the licensee for the sole purpose of loaning the vehicle to a customer when the customer's vehicle is disabled and in the garage for repairs.

New Vehicle Dealer: A new vehicle dealer license may be issued to a dealer whose primary business is the buying and selling of new motor vehicles and who has a franchise from a distributor or manufacturer.

Recycler: A person engaged in the business of purchasing or acquiring salvage vehicle for the purpose of reselling the vehicles or parts of, rebuilding or repairing the vehicles for resale, or selling the vehicles' basic materials.

Transporter: A garage owner, body shop, finance company, bank, recycler or repossession company licensed by the Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection may be issued transporter plates and a license to transport a vehicle owned by, or in the custody of, that owner of business. A transporter plate may not be issued in lieu of registration, to loan to another, for personal reason or used on a towing vehicle.

Vehicle Auction: Selling a vehicle by bidding at public or private sales.

Wrecker: A vehicle or equipment dealer may operate a wrecker with a dealer wrecker plate if the wrecker is used only in direct connection with the service or repair business of said dealer. A wrecker plate may not be used in commercial towing. This wrecker plate carries a 26,000 pound weight limit. A heavy wrecker plate carriers an 80,000 pound weight limit.

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