MEETRS File Upload Specifications & Instructions


Maine Revenue Services does not accept magnetic media unless it is indicated in the file specifications.


FINAL 2019 MEETRS File Formatting Specifications for Electronic Transmittal of Amended Quarterly Income Tax Withholding
(effective 1st quarter 2019 forward for amended withholding returns) [pdf] | [Word]

(effective 1st quarter 2019 ) [pdf] | [Word]

MEETRS Upload Instructions [pdf] | [rtf]

FAQs for MEETRS File Upload [pdf] | [rtf]

W-3ME File Upload Specifications & Instructions

FINAL 2018 W-3ME File Specifications [pdf] | [Word]

1099/W2-G File Upload Specifications

FINAL 2018 1099/W2-G File Specifications [pdf] | [Word]

W-2 File Upload Specifications

FINAL 2018 W2 File Specifications [pdf] | [Word]