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Licensing Questions:

Licensed Master Social Worker, Conditional Clinical

What license type do I need/want - LMSW or LMSW-CC?

First, you should determine the type of social work practice that you want to perform, i.e. clinical versus non-clinical and independent setting versus agency/hospital/school setting.

What is the scope of practice of a LMSW / LMSW-CC?

LMSW is a non-clinical social work license, but is permitted to engage in private/independent practice. LMSW-CC is permitted to perform clinical social work but only under the direct consultation of a LCSW/CSW-IP. Also, a LMSW-CC cannot engage in private/independent practice.

I just graduated, but I haven't received an official transcript from my school - can I still apply for licensure?

Yes. The board does require an official transcript of an earned master's degree. However, in extraordinary circumstances, an official letter from the school's Registrar's Office indicating successful graduation will be accepted, but only as temporary proof - an official transcript must be filed within 3 months.

Does a criminal conviction prevent me from applying for a license?

The board requires all applicants who have been convicted of any crime (Class A, B, C, D, and E) to provide full disclosure of the crime. Criminal convictions are reviewed by the board based on date of crime, nature of crime, and will determine sufficient rehabilitation to warrant the public's trust.

Do I need board permission to sit the ASWB examination?

Yes. In a recent change, ASWB is requiring the Board to prequalify all candidates to sit for their social work exam.

Who is eligible to provide me social work supervision?

LMSW-CC licensees are required to obtain clinical social work consultation from either a LCSW or a CSW-IP (Certified Social Worker - Independent Practice) only. This should not be confused with employment supervision - employment supervision is not usually the same requirements as licensing consultation.

Do post-master's employment hours in Maine count towards clinical consultation social work?

No. In Maine, you must first obtain a LMSW-CC license to begin clinical social work hours. Providing clinical social work to the public without first obtaining a license from the board may result in disciplinary action.

What is the rate and number of clinical supervision hours required for the LCSW?

For applicants whose MSWs are in clinical concentrations, 96 hours of consultation concurrent with 3,200 hours of social work employment (the rate is typically 4 hours a month) occurring within a period of not less than 2 years. At least 72 consultation hours must be individual, face-to-face consultation. The remaining 24 consultation hours may be completed in group or by videoconference but not by telephone or any other audio-only technology.

For applicants whose MSWs are in nonclinical concentrations, 192 hours of consultation concurrent with 6,400 hours of social work employment occurring within a period of not less than 4 years. At least 144 consultation hours must be individual, face-to-face consultation. The remaining 48 consultation hours may be completed in group or by videoconference but not by telephone or any other audio-only technology.

What constitutes a clinical concentration?

The board determined that a clinical MSW degree consists of the following: 2 personality theory courses (adult psychopathology/human growth & development) plus either 4 clinical methods courses or 3 clinical methods courses and 1 additional personality theory course.

Does my employment position qualify me for the LMSW-CC license?

Your job responsibilities should include the diagnosis and treatment of emotional and mental health disorders. The hallmark of the LMSW-CC license is to practice clinical social work while under clinical supervision of a LCSW.

How do I keep track of my consultation hours - what if my supervisor leaves the agency or I leave the agency?

The board rules require that An Agreement to Provide Consultation be filed upon commencement of a consultation relationship. Similarly, a Verification of Consultation form should be filed with the board upon the termination of the relationship. It is the responsibility of the LCSW to accurately reflect the number of consultation hours on the form. Good record keeping by both the consultant and consultee will ensure that hours are accurate.

Do I need to continue with clinical consultation once my consultation hours are completed?

Yes. The scope of the LMSW-CC license requires LCSW clinical consultation whenever the LMSW-CC is engaged in clinical social work.

What are my ethical guidelines as I practice social work and where can I find them?

The Maine Board of Social Worker Licensure has adopted the NASW Code of Ethics and has identified additional standards of practice as outlined in Chapter 16 of its rules. The NASW Code can be found at

For more detailed information, please be sure to visit the board's statute and rules at the following links:
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