Charitable Solicitations Act - Frequently Asked Questions

View general questions regarding the Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation.

"Is the application information confidential?"

"No. The application, as well as supporting documents and information, are public."

"Why must we report information on the Annual Fund-raising Activity Report ('AFAR')?"

"The purpose of the AFAR is to facilitate comparison and cross-validation of data, data which ultimately will be invoked to inform decisions made by the public. It enables comparison between reports filed by Charitable Organizations and their Professional Solicitors, Professional Fund-raising Counsel and Commercial Co-venturers."

"I misplaced my license. Can I have another copy?"

Follow this link to request a duplicate license.

"What's a good charity that I should give to, and which will use my donation well?"

"While our office cannot recommend a specific charity, we can provide you with information to consider as you make your decision. You may wish to consult the following websites:

Under Maine law (Title 9, Section 5011-A, Sub-section C), an individual working for a business that is paid by the charity to solicit contributions on its behalf must disclose to you, before you actually make the donation, that it is a paid professional fund-raiser, and that you can contact our office to find out how much of your donation actually would go to the charity."