Board of Alcohol & Drug Counselors - Frequently Asked Questions

Changes to Examination Scheduling

You may now register for the ADC and Advanced ADC exams directly with IC&RC without having to go through the board approval process.  To register for an exam, please use the appropriate link below: 

ADC Exam Link:   (CAC)

AADC Exam Link: (LADC)

I have applied for the Maine Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (“CADC”) or License Alcohol and Drug Counselor (“LADC”) License and am preparing to take an IC&RC examination, where can I get the study Guides?
The publisher’s website for study guide information is or call 866-471-1742.

I am applying for a CADC license, which examination is required for licensure?
You must demonstrate you have successfully passed the IC&RC ADC examination.

I am applying for an LADC license, which examinations are required for licensure?
You must demonstrate you have successfully passed the IC&RC ADC and Advanced ADC examinations OR IC&RC ADC and CPM (Case Oral) examinations.

I am applying to Maine for a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (“CADC”), or License Alcohol and Drug Counselor (“LADC”) license by endorsement, do I need to obtain a license verification from every state that I hold or have ever held a license in?
Yes, verification is required for every license you hold or have held even if that license is not currently active and must be submitted with your application. (Online verifications are acceptable)

I am a licensed mental health professional and I am applying for the Certified Clinical Supervisor (“CCS”) license issued by the Maine Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselors, do I need to obtain a verification of that license as well?
No, if the license you hold is from a Board within the Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation (“OPOR”).  Visit our website for a list of professional and occupational licensing boards within OPOR.

Is my application confidential?
No. With the exception of your Social Security Number, address, and phone number all application information is public. 

Who do I contact for licensing and other information about an alcohol and drug counseling agency?
Alcohol and drug counseling agencies are licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services.  Visit their website at or by calling (207) 287-3707.

Are work hours obtained under a license other than the Alcohol and Drug Counseling Aide license issued by the Board acceptable toward my required clinical experience to apply for a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (“CADC”) or License Alcohol and Drug Counselor (“LADC”)?
Yes.  32 MRS §6214-C, Section 1(D)(1) states, “…a minimum of 4,000 hours of documented clinically supervised work experience as an alcohol and drug counseling aide…”     However, an Aide licensed is not an internship experience associate with a course/schooling. The Aide license is designed as defined by 32 MRSA §6203-A(2) to be an apprenticeship type experience.

Can I use continuing professional education ("CEU") to satisfy the education requirement for a CADC or and LADC license?
No.  Continuing professional education is only accepted for license renewal.

What is the acceptable higher education required to apply for an LADC?
Board Rule Chapter 5 Section 2 states, “An applicant who applies for licensure on the basis of higher education pursuant to 32 M.R.S.A. §6214-D(1)(D)(2) or (3) shall submit evidence of an associate degree, bachelor degree or higher from an institution of higher education that has been accredited by a regional institutional accrediting agency or a national institutional or specialized accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education. The degree shall be in clinically based behavioral sciences or addiction counseling, or in one of the following related fields: social and behavioral sciences; social work; childhood development; education and human development; mental health and human services; nursing, psychology; psychology/educational psychology; or rehabilitation services.”

Can I use approved coursework as an alternative to a degree to qualify for a CADC license?
Yes. Board Rule Chapter 4, Section 2(2) provides an alternative for coursework in lieu of the Associate Degree.  You must submit evidence of a minimum of 30 credit hours from one or more accredited institutions in courses identified under this Chapter. To determine whether you have a sufficient amount of coursework to equal 30 credit hours, compare and highlight the courses on your school transcript against the list of courses identified in the rule above.  Highlighting the courses will help you to identify whether you qualify and for this office to interpret if the courses claimed meet the coursework requirement stated in rule.  For example, 10 courses at 3 credits each fulfill the required 30 credit hours.