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Bureau of Insurance Staff Directory
Employee Position Phone
Eric Cioppa Superintendent 207-624-8540
Timothy Schott Deputy Superintendent 207-624-8403
Benjamin Yardley Senior Staff Attorney 207-624-8537
Robert Wake General Counsel 207-624-8430
Kimberly Trombley Enforcement Attorney 207-624-8418
Karma Lombard Administrative Secretary 207-624-8540
Judith Watters Consumer Outreach Specialist 207-624-8445
Consumer Health Care Division
Joanne Rawlings-Sekunda Director 207-624-8472
Kim Davis Deputy Director 207-624-8550
Holly Doherty Staff Attorney 207-624-8463
Pamela Stutch Attorney 207-624-8458
Sandra Giles Public Health Nurse Consultant 207-624-8494
Patty Woods Senior Insurance Analyst 207-624-8459
Lisa Lewis Senior Insurance Analyst 207-624-8417
Cynthia Barre Senior Insurance Analyst 207-624-8469
Miranda Seger Insurance Contract Examiner 207-624-8412
Amanda Alley Insurance Contract Examiner 207-624-8455
Trish Nadeau Insurance Contract Examiner 207-624-8416
Vacant Insurance Claims Examiner  
Vacant Assistant Insurance Analyst  
Life & Health Actuarial Unit
Marti Hooper Actuary 207-624-8449
Keith Fougere Assistant Actuary 207-624-8432
Sherry Ingalls Assistant Actuary 207-624-8476
Vacant Senior Rate Analyst 207-624-8453
Property & Casualty Division
Frank Kimball Director 207-624-8451
Daniel Lawson Attorney 207-624-8424
Frank Niles Property & Casualty Division Supervisor 207-624-8473
Sandra Darby Actuary 207-624-8427
Shari Gregory Senior Rate Analyst 207-624-8421
Kelly Doustou Senior Rate Analyst 207-624-8423
Charles Henshall Hearings Officer 207-624-8407
Andrew Perry Consumer Assistance and Hearing Coordinator 207-624-8489
Sharon Martin Claims Examiner 207-624-8454
Susan Tardiff Consumer Assistance Specialist 207-624-8415
Licensing Division
Pamela Roybal Supervisor 207-624-8408
Lindsay Laxon Attorney 207-624-8429
Debbie Ayotte Producer/Agency Licensing 207-624-8413
Dawn Kilgore Insurance Claims Examiner 207-624-8411
Tracy Cunningham Insurance Claims Examiner 207-624-8436
Amanda Colson Producer/Agency Licensing 207-624-8441
Financial Examination
Vanessa Sullivan Director 207-624-8452
Arias Wan Examiner in Charge 207-624-8425
Audrey Wade Examiner in Charge 207-624-8406
Erin Gaddis Insurance Company Examiner 207-624-8495
Vacant Examiner in Charge  
Vacant Senior Insurance Examiner  
Vacant Senior Insurance Examiner  
Vacant Senior Insurance Examiner  
Vacant Insurance Company Examiner  
Vacant Insurance Company Examiner  
Alternative Risk Markets
Stuart Turney Director 207-624-8468
Alex Bourne Examiner in Charge - Self-Insurers 207-624-8447
Maureen Conn Managing Examiner - Self-Insurers 207-624-8405
Financial Analysis
Vanessa Sullivan Director 207-624-8452
Jill Tobey Examiner in Charge 207-624-8448
Jason Freedman Examiner in Charge 207-624-8431
Margaret (Bree) Morin Examiner in Charge 207-624-8467
Lauri Cooper Senior Insurance Company Examiner - Foreign Insurers 207-624-8464
Wyatt Bisbee Insurance Company Examiner - Service Contracts 207-624-8438
Jane Lathrop Insurance Company Examiner - Deposits, Rural Medical Access Program 207-624-8492
Kevin Maroon Assistant Analyst - Foreign Company Licensing, Credit for Reinsurance, Reinsurance Intermediaries, TPAs, MGAs, A.M. Best Ratings 207-624-8443
Market Conduct
Connie Mayette Market Conduct Division Manager 207-624-8474
Mary Masi Senior Market Conduct Examiner 207-624-8419
Research & Statistics
Brad Brown Supervisor 207-624-8478
Barbra Garboski Senior Insurance Analyst 207-624-8440
Support Unit
Karma Lombard Supervisor 207-624-8540
Ann Tarr Accounting Associate II - Billing/Accounts Receivable 207-624-8434
Kim Fleury Office Associate II 207-624-8401
Lisa Reny Office Assistant II - Invoicing/Accounts Payable 207-624-8402