Small Business Health Insurance Premium Relief Program

Update: This program has been extended through July 2023.

Program Overview

The Small Business Health Insurance Premium Relief Program provides premium payment relief to Maine small businesses who are enrolled in a fully-insured, community-rated small group comprehensive health insurance plan. A small group plan is a plan that covers 50 or fewer employees.

  • The program is part of Governor Janet Mills’ Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan. It is paid for by $39 million in federal funding from the Federal American Rescue Plan Act. The program will run from November 1, 2021 to April 30, 2023. In the Supplemental Budget enacted in February 2023, an additional $6.5 million of funding was designated for this program. This additional funding will extend the program through July 2023.
  • All insurance carriers in Maine offering fully-insured small group plans in Maine are participating in this program. The insurers participating are Aetna, Anthem, CHO (Community Health Options), Harvard Pilgrim, and United Healthcare. Taro Health began participating on January 1, 2023.
  • More information and answers to questions can be found on the Bureau's Information Sheet (PDF) about the program.
  • Business owners should first contact their insurance carrier with any questions about the credit or their monthly invoices.  Business owners may also contact the Bureau of Insurance at 1-800-300-5000 or by email:, for additional information.

Resources for Small Businesses

The calculator below has been developed to assist businesses in determining how the credit should be split between the employer and the employee.

The split must be at least as generous to the employee as the current benefit. (For example, if the employee only pays 20% of their premium, the employer only needs to pass on 20% of the credit; however, an employer may choose to pass on more.)


  • Refresh your browser to clear the calculator.
  • Use either the Employer $ column or the Employer % column to calculate the credit split.
  • If your business uses one percentage for the employer premium payment, and another percentage for the other family members on a plan, do one of the following on the applicable line, either:
    • Input a total Employer $ amount that includes the premium amounts for all family members, or
    • Input an aggregate Employer % that represents the aggregate percentage paid on premiums for all family members

For questions or issues related to the calculator, contact Joshua Winters (207) 624-8453.

Subscriber Type Credit Amount Monthly Premium $ Employer $ Contribution Employer % Contribution Employer Premium Credit Employee Premium Credit
Employee Only $50 $0 $0 0% 0 0
Employee & Adult $100 $0 $0 0% 0 0
Employee & Child $80 $0 $0 0% 0 0
Employee, Adult & Child $130 $0 $0 0% 0 0

Resources for Insurance Carriers

Sample carrier letters are provided in the linked documents below.

Carrier Questions & Answers (PDF) - A running list of Q&As from the carriers

Draft Letter from Insurers to Small Group Employers (PDF) - Sample language for carriers to use in an initial communication with their small group plans about the requirements of the program

Draft End of Program Notice from Insurers to Small Group Employers, to Include with Monthly Invoices (PDF) - Sample language for carriers to include with monthly invoices sent to small group plan