The Bureau of Insurance provides information about Life insurance, Annuities & Viaticals. You may download Life insurance, Annuities and Viaticals publications including consumer guides.

Basics of Life Insurance, Annuities & Viaticals

Life insurance can provide much needed security for your loved ones when you pass away, but some forms of life insurance products can also provide financial security for you while you are alive. Some questions for you to consider:

  • Are you supporting family members who will need additional financial support when you die? A life insurance policy can provide peace of mind, but you will have additional questions to answer about what type is best for you and what premium amount you can afford.
  • Are you concerned about out-living your income? Annuity products can provide an additional income stream in retirement, in return for the premiums you have paid. There are many types of annuities available and most people need advice from an expert.
  • Can you get your money out of your policy before you die? Viatical/life settlements are one way to accomplish this, but there may be alternatives that better meet your needs.

Reviewing the information in this section and talking with a licensed insurance agent can help you sort through the many types of life insurance and annuity products to determine what is best for your specific budget and goals.

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