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License Types - Supervised Lender


Lender Laws, Statute and Advisory Rules

Statute: 9-A §2-302; §9-201 Est. 1/1/1975

Chapter 550: Tangible Net Benefit Rule

A Consumer's Guide to Financial Privacy Rights under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

more Advisory Rules



Supervised Lender Applications:


NON-MORTGAGE RELATED ACTIVITY: Register through the State of Maine


Lender Laws, Statutes and Advisory Rules


Statute: 9-A §2-302; §9-201 Est. 1/1/1975

Chapter 550; Tangible Net Benefit Rule

Advisory Rule 110 Request for Guidance regarding "odd days" or "per diem" interest

Advisory Rule 111 Exclusion of HELOCs from definition of "sub prime loan"

Advisory Rule 112 Computation of "Total Loan Amount"

Advisory Rule 113 "Ability of Pay" under Bureaus' Joint Rule: Guidelines for Determining Reasonable, Tangible

Advisory Rule 114 Changes to "tangible net benefit" form

Joint Advisory Rule 117 The Conforming Law and its effect on previous Joint Advisory Rulings and the Tangible Net benefit and Ability to Pay Rule

Public law 273 LD 1869; An Act to Protect Maine Homeowners from Predatory Lending

Public law 2125 Chapter 471; An Act Relating to Mortgage Lending and Credit Availability






Forms & Applications



Application Checklist

Bond Form

Order Form (Maine Consumer Credit Laws)

Maine Fair Credit Reporting Act

Branch Application

Name - Address Change Form

Form to Make Credit Card Payment to State of Maine

Tangible Net-Benefit Disclosure Form, 2009

50% or More Change in Ownership Form

License Surrender Form

Also required with the license surrender form for Supervised Lenders: MCCC-1 for License Surrender