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Department of Corrections
Money Deposit Service
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Registration is free. You only need to register once. To update your registration information in the future, please contact Technical Support. Your registration information will be used to authorize you to make deposits and for security purposes. This information is processed using the secure, CyberTrust-certified server, and will be stored securely as part of your user registration for this service.

After you complete this page, you will receive an email with a link back to the website where you'll retrieve your password. To ensure that you receive the email, please add to your email address book.

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Please provide the following information for the credit card you will use to make deposits. Be sure to enter information EXACTLY as it appears on your credit card or billing statement. Note: You must use this credit card for all online deposits.
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Select a security question and provide your answer. This information will be used to verify your identity in the event that you need to obtain a lost login or update your registration in the future.


For questions about prisoner/probationer information, contact the Corrections Webdesk.

For technical assistance, please email, or phone (207)-621-2600.