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A Publication Featuring The Information Services Technology of Maine State Government

Volume VI, Issue 7 July 2003

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New Meeting Services

By Ginnie Ricker

Q: How can we use our meeting time better?

A: By using Teleconferencing (audio-conferencing) and Web Conferencing services when establishing a meeting.

During the last few months, a small team has been reviewing the current teleconferencing processes used by State agencies. Although we do have some statistics for teleconferencing services used by State agencies, we do not believe it is all encompassing. We found that many State agencies either use their own vendor for teleconferencing services or do not realize that these services are available, or feel that meeting in person is the best way.

By utilizing tele/web conferencing services, individuals can reduce "travel reimbursement" expenses, stay right at their office and be more productive (minimized travel time) and for many people, multi-tasking while on a teleconference is even a better option.

Our team has developed functionality requirements for both Teleconferencing and Web Conferencing Services. The RFP was approved and advertised beginning on March 31, 2003. Our team has since met to review and begin scoring the proposals.

We are excited about the prospect of being able to provide agencies a solution to meet their teleconferencing and web conferencing needs.

Within a few months, a vendor will be selected and agencies that currently do not utilize any conferencing services will have an opportunity to give it a try.

Thanks to team members; Lavana Snyder (BIS), Dave Rodrigue (BIS), Elizabeth Symonds (DOT), Dorothea Socea (DECD) and Donna Grant (DEP).

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