Logo for MHECMHEC Discount Purchasing Program

Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont nonprofit organizations, schools and municipalities are eligible to become MHEC members free of charge and use MHEC vendor contracts to purchase materials, supplies, equipment, furniture, technology and services at discounted rates.

Access the MHEC Contracts

Your organization must be a member to see the discounts

If you don’t know your login username or password, contact MHEC customer service at 413-992-2520.

How Does My Library Become an MHEC Member?

  1. Is your library, school district, municipality already a member? Check membership list here.
  2. If not, submit an application form.
  3. Once approved for membership, set up User ID/Password here. You will need the ID and password to search the contracts for discount pricing.

 If you need assistance, use this form or call 413-545-4669.

Customer Service

If you have a have a question or complaint about MHEC services or any MHEC supplier, use the MHEC contact form or call 413-545-4669. You can also contact Janet Garabedian at jgarabedian@mhec.net.

Individual Library Responsibilities

All ordering, shipping, and invoicing will be from and to individual libraries. Libraries should contact vendors to note on established accounts they will be ordering through MHEC contracts. Failure to do so may result in libraries not receiving the correct discounts. Carefully note exclusions and details for individual vendors. Since it is impossible to provide the details of all vendor processing and shipping terms, it is incumbent on libraries to verify these when setting up vendor accounts.

Training and FAQs about MHEC