Cream of the Crop List

Each year publishing houses send thousands of review copies of new children's and young adult books to the Maine Children’s and YA Book Review. The books are reviewed at monthly meetings by local school and youth services librarians. A "Cream of the Crop" List of the 100 best titles published in the previous year is developed. The Cream of the Crop List contains titles appropriate for preschool to high school-aged readers.

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Cream of the Crop Committee

Younger Readers:

  • Kathy George, Gray Public Library
  • Jill O’Connor, Merrill Memorial Library, Yarmouth
  • Patti Francis, Pownal Elementary School
  • Jessie Trafton, Skidompha Public Library

Older Readers:

  • Jan Hamilton, retired
  • Kerrie Lattari, York Middle School
  • Lee Remick, York Middle School
  • Kristi Favoloro, Skidompha Public Library