Explanation for Maine State Library Values

Feb. 2011

This chart provides the background for the values. Some of the values are estimates or averages based on marketplace figures.

Explanation of how values were determined for different library services
Item Estimated Retail Value Values Explained
MSLN connection $6,100 Average cost of a MSLN connection
eRate discounts $240.00 It takes at least 2 hours per form; there are 4 forms; Erate consultant hourly wage $30.
MARVEL databases access (must be a "1" - all Maine has access) $41,500 Amount public libraries would pay if they individually subsribed to the EBSCOHost databases; Academic libraries would pay $130,000, High School libraries $13,500, Middle School $7,300 and Elementary School $3,300.
Confer with District Consultant and/or attend district programs about ___hours. $75.00 One hour of commercial consulting time
Job ads $250 Cost to place one classified ad in the newspaper
My library purchases at least $____ of materials each year 25% Lowest SCOOP discount
The circuit rider spent _____ hours at my library. $75.00 Typical tech support fee
Large Print Books $5,200 Typically libraries receives 200 books/yr at average cost $26 each
WebJunction Courses $40.00 Cost per course
Van Delivery Service $454.00 Value of MSL staff admin time for van delivery libraries
Use of materials/information on MSL website $1,000 Based on 10 hr/yr paid to a marketing firm charging $100/hr.
Ill Requesting through MSL $30.00 Average national cost for loans
Minerva or URSUS member $50,000 Average database administrator salary
Part of Minerva, URSUS, or Solar or use MaineCat at times $2,319 69 MaineCat libraries; Maine State Library contributes $160,000 towards cost of licensing fees for software