Designing a Library Survey

The files below require either Microsoft Word or the Word Viewer.


Guidelines for Designing a Library Survey [Word, 31 KB]: things to consider when developing, desigining , and distributing a survey

Pew Internet Community Library Engagement Tool - Blog post about the new quiz tool from Pew that allows you to create your own version of their library user quiz and invite members of your community to take it.

Sample Surveys

  1. Assessing Library Customer Attitudes, [Word, 32KB]
  2. Assessing Patron Attitudes: Scale-Based Evaluation, [Word, 23KB]
  3. Patron/User Survey, [Word, 26KB]
  4. Patron Survey, [Word, 60KB]
  5. Another Patron Survey, [Word, 51KB]
  6. Library User Survey, [Word, 27KB]
  7. Adult Program Survey [Word, 27KB]
  8. Adult 55+ Survey [Word, 28 KB]; Contributed by Liz Doucett at Curtis Memorial Library
  9. Community Survey-1 [Word, 33KB]
  10. Community Survey-2 [Word, 26KB]
  11. Community Survey-3[Word, 41KB]

Other Sample Library Community Surveys