Sample Library Policies

All institutions need guidelines for decision making and libraries are no exception. Policies allow for consistent implementation of daily library operations. Policies should be approved by the library's governing authority, whether that is a board of trustees or town select board. Procedures and rules are the means of implementing policies and help ensure that library services are equally accessible to all patrons. Since polices are not easily changed, the procedures documents are where fine, fee and other payment structures should be located since these might need to be updated periodically. We've provided templates of the policies that all libraries should have.

Acceptable Computer Use [Word, 29 KB]
Anti-discrimination Policies [Word, 15 KB]
Circulation and Borrowing [Word, 25 KB]

Collection Development [Word, 20 KB] contains materials selection, collection maintenance, patron requests, gifts, donations and memorials, and request for reconsideration of library materials.
Facilities [Word, 24 KB] includes hours of operation, meeting room use, exhibits and displays, services to patrons with disabilities and emergencies.
Friends of the Library [Word, 20 KB]
Internet Safety Policy [Word, 28 KB]
Patron Conduct [Word, 20 KB]
Personnel- Link to the personnel section of the MSL website
Reference [Word, 21 KB]
Volunteers [Word, 19 KB] - Also view MSL's extensive volunteer website

Addional Policies/Procedures

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)- [Word, 25 KB] this document should be used whenever two legal entities, such as a non-profit library and a town, agree to share responsibility for any functions such as payroll or building maintenance. This sample can be modified to fit your library's unique situation.


Bed Bug Protocol [Word, 135 KB]
Disaster policy and planning
Safe Harbor: Policies and Procedures for a Safe Library - Sample policies & procedures about patron behavior
Skype Policy Template [Word, 29.5 KB]
Policies for placing external links on your library website: Charlotte Library, Vermont, Boston Public Library

Social Media Policy Examples

Procedural Documents, Forms and Other Attachments

American Library Association
Library Bill of Rights [Word, 21 KB]
Freedom to Read Statement [Word, 24 KB]
Freedom to View Statement [Word, 20 KB]

Lost, Damaged or Overdue Materials Procedure [Word, 21 KB]
Confidentiality of Library Records [Word, 20 KB]
Form for Suggested Purchase [Word, 20 KB]
Forms for Donations, Gifts or Memorials [Word, 22 KB]
Patron Code of Conduct [Word, 21 KB]
Unattended or Disruptive Children [Word, 21 KB]
Meeting Room [Word, 23 KB]
Displays and Exhibits [Word, 20 KB]

Maine Samples

Thanks to the following libraries for sharing their policies.

Additional Policies and Information