Tariff 9 Quick Reference Sheet

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Ticket System Switchover Questions

Can I still do business as I have in the past?
Yes. With these changes:
  • You must present barcoded ticket that will be scanned for each trip used rather than collected.
  • You may purchase your tickets from the Webstore
  • You may opt to receive your tickets by email rather than printed on paper and present them on our mobile device for scanning.
  • Due to technical restrictions, vehicle extensions and bicycle trailers are only sold as One-Way.
What do I do with my unused or partially-used tickets with no barcodes?
Trade them in at a ticket office. Allow time for this trade-in before boat is loaded.
How do barcoded tickets work?
Each ticket has the ticket number printed on it in digits and barcode. The scanner reads the ticket number and counts its uses. A round trip ticket is good for 2 scans. Hold onto those tickets after the first use. You may be asked to present it once for screening, and a second time for loading.
How do I present my electronic ticket for scanning?
Save the tickets to your device by downloading the attachments from the email ASAP as network connectivity in the boarding lane can be spotty. Set your screen at its brightest level. Display each ticket on your mobile device screen and allow it to be scanned. Or print it before you leave, ensuring it is printed with high contrast and without distortions. Make sure you can read the numbers printed on it. Do not trace over the printing overwrite over the ticket text or barcode.
How do I get the tickets purchased on the Webstore?
The system sends them by email to the email address provided from MaineFerryTickets@maine.gov. The tickets may arrive in several separate emails. Please keep your paper receipt or make note of your order number for any problem resolution. They will arrive nearly immediately if you have good cell data reception. Otherwise, from within the terminal, connect to the SOM PUBLIC Wi-Fi network available at the terminal. Upon receipt of email, download the attachments ASAP for presentation for scanning in the boarding lanes as network reception in the boarding lanes can be unreliable.
My emailed tickets did not arrive, how can I retrieve them?
Check your junk folder. You may need to set MaineFerryTickets@maine.gov as a Trusted Sender in your email. If the email address was mis-typed, you will need to return to the ticket office for problem resolution. You must provide the order number for problem resolution.

Webstore Related Questions

What can I purchase on the Webstore?
Car, motorcycle, and bicycle tickets, with or without trailers. Passenger tickets including commuter tickets. For truck tickets, reservations, and all other transactions, please visit or call a ticket office.
Can I use the Webstore if I do not have a credit or debit card?
Visit a Ticket Office to make your purchase if you do not have a credit or debit card accepted by the Webstore.
How do I get the tickets purchased on the Webstore?
Upon purchase, the tickets will be displayed on your screen. Screenshot, or use your browser Print option to print the page to PDF (or a printer). We advise you do this in all cases. The system also sends them by email to the email address provided from MaineFerryTickets@maine.gov. Vehicle extensions and Bike Trailers may arrive in a separate email from the other tickets and the receipt.
My email did not arrive from the Webstore?
Check your junk folder. You may need to set MaineFerryTickets@maine.gov as a Trusted Sender in your email. If you mis-typed the email address, the tickets will not arrive and cannot be resent from the Webstore. In this case, you must rely on the tickets you screenshot/printed.
What is “My Account”?
My account lets you save your account information, excluding credit card info, for future transactions. It provides an Order History of purchases made by this account, allowing you to retrieve an Order Number for problem resolution – but not the tickets. The first time you select it, you can set it up. To make orders using it, please select My Account before putting items into your Cart.
Can I cancel an order made in the Webstore?
No. Save the tickets for a future trip.
I lost my tickets or mobile device with the tickets. How can I retrieve the tickets?
Visit the Ticket Office with your order number. The tickets cannot be retrieved without the order number. You can access My Account from any device to retrieve order numbers made from that account.
How can I report a problem with the Webstore?
If the Webstore is down, try again later. It is monitored 24x7. To report a bug, please email DOTFerry-Support@maine.gov. The email will not be answered, but is monitored by our Support.

Boat Related Questions

Is there inside seating available on the boat?
Yes. Inside seating is available on all of the MSFS vessels.
Do I have to stay in my vehicle for the ferry trip?
You are not required to remain in your vehicle for the duration of the trip. However, because vehicles may be parked in very close proximity, if you plan to exit your vehicle, please let the Able Seaman know before you drive onboard so they may allow space. For the safety of yourself, others and the crew you are expected to be in your vehicle during the loading and unloading process. The Maine State Ferry Service recommends you stay in your vehicle due to COVID19 when at all possible.
Is there food & drink service on the boat?
No, there are no concession services on board the vessels. You are welcome to bring food and non alcoholic beverages on board with you for your enjoyment during the trip.
How many cars fit on the ferry?
The capacity varies with each vessel and is dependent upon the size and length of vehicles being transported.
Are there life jackets on the boat?
Yes, there are life jackets on board each vessel.
Are vessels accessible for individuals with disabilities?

MSFS owns and operates seven ferry vessels. Given the age and maintenance schedule for the vessels, accessibility on each may vary. As the MSFS replaces its fleet, new vessels will be fully compliant. As existing vessels undergo maintenance they will be assessed for accessibility upgrades where it is technically feasible, given the scope of maintenance.

Whenever possible, reasonable effort shall be made to allow unassisted boarding of customers utilizing personal wheelchairs, scooters or other types of mobility aid(s), unless such efforts pose a risk to the customer, other customers or employees of MSFS. Please call the departure terminal ahead of time if assistance is requested.

Are dogs allowed on the boats?
Yes! Pets are allowed on board the vessel. Each boat has a pet friendly cabin that is clearly marked for those passengers traveling with their pets. We do ask that you keep your pet leashed/restrained and clean up after them as necessary.

Ticket Related Questions

Should I purchase my tickets in advance of my trip?
You may purchase them in advance through the Webstore in order to avoid a visit to the Ticket Office. Unless the tickets are associated with a reservation, they do not ensure passage and are not trip specific. Tickets are non refundable so should your plans change, the weather not cooperate or for any number of reasons you do not use them, you have them to utilize on a future trip and cannot be returned.
I put my vehicle in line and purchased my ticket, does this mean my car is going to make the next boat?
Not necessarily. Because the tickets are not trip specific, purchase of the ticket does not mean your vehicle will depart on the next available boat. The line attendant will not have a clearer answer for you until the boarding process has begun.
Why can't I purchase a one way ticket?
Only Round-Trip tickets are sold. Tickets do not expire, so if you only use your ticket as a one-way, you may use the other half in the future.
Do you have any senior citizen, military or AAA discounts?
No. The tickets are subsidized by various state and federal agencies and there are no discounts available.
Do you sell off season tickets at a reduced rate?
Yes, Off Peak season is October 1 to May 31, and rates are lower during that time. A Peak season ticket may be used during the Off-Peak season though no refund for the difference will be issued. An Off-Peak season ticket may be traded in for a Peak ticket with a charge for the cost difference. Partially used Off-Peak season tickets can be traded in for Peak season tickets with same number of remaining rides at a pro-rated cost.
I plan to bring my motorcycle to the island, what kind of ticket do I need and where do I line up?
Motorcycles require a motorcycle ticket, which includes the rider. Inquire at the ticket window for instructions on where to wait for the boat. Motorcycles are generally lined up near where the pedestrians board the boat and are put on board after the vehicles and pedestrians are on the boat.
I'm going as a foot passenger to Vinalhaven but returning from North Haven. What kind of tickets do I need to purchase?
Tickets are available at all mainland and island terminals as round-trip only and are origin/destination based for Islesboro and Matinicus. Tickets for Swans's Island, Frenchboro, North Haven and Vinalhaven are not origin/destination based, meaning both portions of a round-trip ticket may be used in any combination to take 2 one-way rides between Bass Harbor and Swan's Island, Bass Harbor and Frenchboro, Rockland and North Haven or Rockland and Vinalhaven.

Island Related Questions

What's on the islands?
All of the islands serviced by the Maine State Ferry Service are highly residential fishing communities. Vinalhaven has a village area that is within walking distance of the Ferry and offers a handful of shops and a couple restaurants. The other islands have a general store and a restaurant or two but vary in their accessibility and distance from where the ferry docks.
Is there lodging on the islands?
Lodging is limited and availability varies per island.
Are there campgrounds on the islands?
No, there are no campgrounds on any of the islands we service.
Are there rental cars or taxi's on the islands?
There is no public transportation services available on any of the islands.
Can I get my vehicle from one island to another?
No. There is no inter-island service to accommodate transporting vehicles.
Do you provide inter-island services for pedestrians?
No. There is no inter-island service available through the Maine StateFerry Service for vehicles or passengers. There may be private water taxi services available. Customers should inquire about such services by contacting the island terminal.
How much time will I have to visit Matinicus if I am planning to go out and back on the same day ferry trip
The ferry remains on Matinicus for an hour or less before loading and departing on its return trip to Rockland.
You have infrequent scheduled trips to Matinicus, is taking the ferry the only way to get there and back?
No. Private water taxi services are available in addition to air services to and from the island.

Boarding Related Questions

How do I know if my vehicle will make it on board?
With all the varying factors to be taken into consideration, the line attendant will not have a clearer answer until the boarding process has begun. It all depends on how many reservations arrive on time, the size/length of vehicles and how many vehicles ahead of you in line are occupied and intending to board the next available boat.
How early do I need to arrive if I am a foot passenger on the boat?
You will want to allow enough time to find alternative parking in the event the terminal lot is full, get your tickets and unload your luggage.
How early do I need to arrive to put my car in the first come, first served line?
A good rule of thumb is to try to arrive as close to the departure of the previous trip than the one you intend to take. For example if you are hoping to get your vehicle on the 2:45 PM trip to Vinalhaven, you should plan on putting your vehicle in line as close to the 1:00 PM departure as you can.

Ferry Passage Related Questions

Does the ferry make multiple stops per trip?
No, each trip is designed to depart the mainland or island terminal and only regularly services it's original destination.
How rough is the trip?
Marine conditions are contingent on current and offshore weather conditions and can vary from calm to rough on any given day.
Does it get windy and cold on the trip?
It can get breezy or chilly depending upon the weather and personal preference. It is a good idea to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt with you.
Will we see wildlife during the trip?
Although there are no guarantees that you will see wildlife on your trip, You may see, a variety of coastal birds and the occasional otter, seal or porpoise.
Do you offer/include guided bird watching, lighthouse tours and/or puffin watch trips?
Our operations are service oriented to meet the transportation needs of the islands and do not include guided or narrated trips.
I want to do a day trip, does it matter which scheduled time I depart?
You will want to familiarize yourself with the schedule and allow enough time to ensure you will be able to be on board a return trip. Typically waiting until the afternoon does not ensure enough time to accommodate the round trip boat ride and allow for time to visit the island.
We are visiting and made a spur of the moment decision to take a trip to one of the islands. What do we need to know?
It is best to plan such trips as foot passengers, as getting a vehicle over and back is not always able to be accommodated. It is also recommended to familiarize yourself with the schedule to ensure you are on board one of the departing trips of the day. Wear comfortable shoes for walking, bring a light jacket or sweatshirt and any other personal effects you may need or want for your trip.
My children will be accompanying me on the ferry, what do I need to know?
Many children look forward to the adventure of a boat ride! For safety we ask that children be attended and please do not allow your child(ren) to play on the deck of the boat. Vehicles are subject to shifting and sudden movement during the trip and it is unsafe for children to be playing around or under the vehicles on board. The doors and windows on the vessels are extremely heavy and can be quite damaging to little hands and feet. Please assist your children with opening doors to the restrooms, cabins and windows.
If the weather forecast is clear, do I still need to be concerned that there may be a cancellation?
Trips are subject to cancellation for any number of reasons including mechanic issues, crew availability, weather, etc. and it is always a good idea to check the daily operations update for the most accurate trip information.
How can I find out if a trip has been cancelled?
Daily operation updates are available on a recorded line by contacting the terminal you are traveling from. Updates are made throughout the day as needed.
If the first run is cancelled due to weather is it safe to assume the remaining trips for the day will also be cancelled?
No. Weather conditions can change dramatically throughout the day and later trips may remain as scheduled. Cancellations are made per round trip departure and determined 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, at which time the Captain of the vessel will make the final decision if the trip is cancelled or operating as usual.

Parking Related Questions

What do I do if the parking lot at the terminal is full?
During the summer season, be sure to allow plenty of time in case the parking lot is full, and be aware ahead of time of the locations of municipal or street parking near the terminal where you plan to depart.
I am planning on purchasing long term discounted parking at one of your facilities, will I be assigned a space?
No, purchasing discounted long term parking does not include an assigned parking spot. During the height of the busy season it is not uncommon for the parking lots to become full. Even with purchasing the discounted long term parking it is highly recommended that you allow enough time to find alternative parking if necessary.