Community Services Division Staff

Pete Coughlan

This is a picture of Pete CoughlanPete is the director of the Community Services Division. Pete can be reached at the following.

Telephone: (207) 624-3266 | E-mail:

Program Coordinator - Tammy Chamberlain

Tammy Chamberlain Tammy is the coordinator of our workshops including registration, event coordination, “Roads Scholars” and many other activities. (Bob Stevens retired on May 31, 2018 after diligently serving the Center and municipalities for 31 years.)

Telephone: (207) 624-3263 | E-mail:

Program Manager

This is a picture of a placeholder shaped like a person The Center’s Program Manager postion is currently vacant. 

Transportation Analyst - Carrie Castonguay

carrie castonguay Carrie Castonguay
This transportation analyst position coordinates, analyzes, and processes LRAP Certifications and helps to manage the Center's databases, workshops, and administrative support systems.

Telephone: (207) 624-3265 | E-mail:

Road Ranger - Paul Brown

Image of Paul Brown Paul Brown is the Center's new "Road Ranger" in 2020 and is available to Maine towns/cities/ counties for free on site technical assistance on local road issues and challenges. Former Ranger Phil Curtis retired in the Spring of 2019 after providing free technical assistance and training to a large number of communities throughout the state of Maine for 25+ years. You can contact Paul for assistance as follows:

Telephone: 1-800-498-9133 | E-mail: