Contractor Prequalification

The "Notice to Contractors" for each project will state the prequalification requirements for that project.  Bids will be received from any contractor; however, the contract will only be awarded to contractors passing the qualification requirements.  Apparent low bidders not prequalified at the time of bid opening can expect a two to three week delay in the award process while their application is processed.  They also run the risk of not meeting MaineDOT's prequalification standards.

Current Contractor Prequalification Status

  • Contractor Prequalification Status PDF (updated 3/1/2024)

Application and Supplemental Forms

All new applicants must submit the Contractor Prequalification Application, Safety and Civil Rights Supplemental.  Contractors requesting to add prequalificaion categories must submit a new application.  Letters are sent in the Fall of each year requesting required submittals for updates and renewal information.

Except for unusual circumstances, the Department does not require prequalification for contracts which have a construction cost of under $600,000.00.  Other contracts considered to be "specialty work" that do not generally require a prequalification category are bridge painting, pavement crack sealing and demolition. Bridge Painting Contractors please read the Notice to Contractors at the time of advertisement for the Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) certifications required.

  • Contractor Prequalification Application PDF (updated 4/21/2024)
    • Must be filled out for all MaineDOT, Maine Turnpike Authority and Bureau of General Services projects
  • Safety Supplemental PDF (updated 3/16/2022)
    • Must be filled out for all MaineDOT and Maine Turnpike Projects only
  • Civil Rights Supplemental PDF | Word Doc (updated 12/19/2022)

Please Note: The entire application including Safety and EEO Supplementals must be filled out for Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT).

Submittal Procedure - Prequal Application Checklist

Please review the Prequalification Checklist before submitting.  You may submit by mail, fax or email.

To be considered complete and ready for review by the Prequalification Review Committee, your application packet needs to include the following:

  1. A completed copy of the Application Form.
    • Be sure to clearly indicate on the Cover Page if you are seeking prequalification for the next prequalification year, or simply for one specific project.
    • Be sure to indicate on Page 2 the type(s) of project for which prequalification is being requested.
    • Include companies work history Section 5.2 & 5.3
  2. The EEO/Civil Rights Supplemental Questionnaire (Pages 1-2)
    • Submittals must reflect current date.
  3. The Safety Supplemental Questionnaire (Pages 1-4)
  4. A statement from your bonding company, on their letterhead, indicating your bonding capacity for an individual project and in the aggregate for all projects.
  5. A copy of your worker’s compensation Experience Rating Modifier either on your carrier’s letterhead or the standard NCCI reporting form. An electronic copy e-mail attachment, preferably in Word format, of your current Safety Plan.

Download the checklist:

  • Prequalification Checklist PDF (updated 12/17/2013)

For More Information

Contracts Section
Maine Department of Transportation
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Please Note: We do our best to keep this page up-to-date, however, please do not rely solely on the information on this page.

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