Important Considerations:

Because of the limited size of the CPS sample, only annual average statewide data is reliable enough to publish. Margins of error can be large, particularly for small segments of the population.

Level estimates presented here are not strictly comparable between years due to population revisions by the US Census. In Maine, revisions are generally minor between decennial censuses. Rates, ratios, and percent distributions are comparable between years.

The labor force estimates included in these tables differ from the official statewide estimates published by the Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) program. LAUS uses a statistical model that utilizes unemployment insurance claims and payroll data in addition to the CPS survey in order to provide more reliable estimates on a monthly and annual basis.

The tables on this site are updated as new data become available. A complete set of 2013 tables will be posted in late summer when BLS publishes Geographic Profiles of Employment and Unemployment.