Special Opportunities for Photographers

NOTE: Due to the current COVID-19 state of civil emergency, we are not accepting reservations for photo passes at this time. We will update information and availability as soon as possible.

The Photographer's Admission Pass allows professional and amateur photographers alike to take once-in-a-lifetime wildlife pictures BY PRIOR RESERVATION ONLY.

Pass holders will be escorted by park staff and granted special access to our wildlife enclosures to take up-close pictures and/or video that are unimpeded by fences or other obstacles.

The Summer Photo Pass @ $50.00/hour is available during the Park's open season from mid-April - November 11.

A Winter Photo Pass @ $150.00/hour is available

Reservations are required one week in advance.

For more information or to make a reservation contact the park directly at (207) 657-4977 extension 0 or email mainewildlifepark@maine.rr.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the pass work? Will a guide be with me the whole time? Will I be able to enter any exhibits during the pass?

During a photo pass tour, you will be paired up with a park staff person who will escort you around the park to see the animals in which you are most interested. While we cannot physically bring you inside many exhibits (except for birds and reptiles), you will be taken behind the scenes in restricted areas to get you as close as possible and with little or no obstructions.

What should I bring for camera equipment/lenses? What is the best time of day to participate in a pass tour?

We always recommend bringing a couple different options with you. General animal behavior varies depending on time of day and weather conditions. Each individual animal also presents different behaviors and levels of cooperation for photography. Many can be photographed through fences, some are easiest through glass, and some with the use of step ladders to shoot over the top of fences. While sessions are normally offered from 9:30am– 2:00pm, morning sessions are generally recommended for the most reliable animal activity. Sessions outside these hours can sometimes be accommodated.

Can I participate in the tour even if I am not a photographer? Can minors participate?

This tour caters to both photographers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. There is no need to take photos if you are just looking for an exclusive experience to get a closer look at the animals and learn about their individual stories. Minors can participate in the tour if they are accompanied by an adult taking the tour with them. Guides will escort you around the property in either a golf cart or a truck, so minimal walking is required. Regardless of age or the presence of a camera, anyone who joins in your session is considered a participant and subject to the photopass fee.

What animals are available for the pass?

Most every animal at the park is available and included in a summer photo pass tour. The type of experience and/or photography you are seeking will determine which animals are best suited for you. We will customize the tour to cater to your personal interests. We always reserve the right to restrict access to any animal that is experiencing health issues or in a fragile condition. During the winter months, many of our animals are relocated to winter housing, are less active, or hibernating. Some scenery is therefore compromised for photography; such as the loss of natural backgrounds and tighter quarters. For a winter photo pass, your focus should be on the wildlife that remain outdoors in their natural exhibits, including moose, deer, canines, felines, and eagles.

How much does a pass cost? How long does the tour typically last? How many people does the pass allow?

The cost of the Summer pass, from mid-April thru mid-November, is $50 per person/per hour. While one hour is the most common session, some participants reserve two or more hours for more focused or slower paced experiences. While we allow up to 4 participants in a session, fewer participants usually translates to a more exclusive experience and photography. During the summer photopass, participants can have others that accompany them to the park pay regular admission and self-tour the park while the session is taking place. Since your photopass fee includes general Park admission during the open season, we encourage you to arrive a bit early to wander around and get a feel for the park and its wildlife before your pass begins. During the winter months, only participants in the session are granted access to the property, and all access is chaperoned. Winter rates are $150 for a 1-hour session and additional hours and/or people can be added at the rate of $50/hour.

Do I need a reservation? What days are passes available? How do I book a tour? Can I pay in advance? Can I pay with a credit card?

A reservation is required at least one week in advance and sessions can be booked Monday- Friday either via phone at 207-657-4977 ext. 0 or via email at mainewildlifepark@maine.rr.com. We are a cash or check only facility and cannot accept credit/debit cards.

What should I wear on a photo pass?

Dress for the weather conditions that are present on the day of your tour. Summer participants should be mindful of the presence of ticks with any outdoor excursion. Winter participants should be aware of the potential for extreme cold, deep snow, and slippery conditions and may want to use a gripping element on their boots.