Penobscot County

Lake Survey Maps

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Body of Water Alternate Name Location
Ackley Pond Mount Chase
Ben Annis Pond Hermon
Black Cat Pond T08 R06 WELS
Bottle Lake Lakeville Plt.
Bowlin Pond T05 R08 WELS
Bowlin Pond (Little) T05 R07 WELS
Branch Lake (East) T03 R09 NWP
Branch Lake (South) Seboeis Plt.
Brewer Lake Orrington
Brooks Pond Corinna
Burnt Pond (Little) Clifton
Cambolasse Pond Lincoln
Caribou, Egg, Long Pond Lincoln
Carry Pond T08 R07 WELS
Cedar Lake T03 R09 NWP
Center Pond Lincoln
Center Pond Dixmont
Chemo Pond Bradley
Cold Stream Pond Enfield
Cold Stream Pond (Upper) Lincoln
Cranberry Pond Clifton
Crooked Pond Lincoln
Cut Lake T07 R06 WELS
Davis Pond Wapiti Pond T05 R07 WELS
Davis Pond Eddington Pond Eddington
Duck Lake Lakeville Plt.
Eddington Pond Davis Pond Eddington
Endless Lake T03 R09 NWP
Escutasis Lake Burlington
Etna Pond Etna
Fields Pond Orrington
Fitts Pond Clifton
Flatiron Pond T03 R09 NWP
Folsom Pond Lincoln
Garland Pond Garland
Garland Pond (West) Garland
George Pond Hermon
Gould Pond Dexter
Green Mountain Pond T06 R06 WELS
Green Pond T03 R01 NBPP
Hammond Pond Hampden
Hatch Pond Mansell Pond Alton
Hathorn Pond (Little) T04 R08 WELS
Hay Lake T06 R08 WELS
Hay Pond T06 R08 WELS
Hermon Pond Hermon
Holbrook Pond Holden
Holland Pond Alton
Horseshoe Lake Lakeville Plt.
Hot Pond T06 R07 WELS
House Pond Lee
Ireland Pond T07 R08 WELS
Jerry Pond Millinocket
Jerry Pond T05 R07 WELS
Jones Pond T08 R08 WELS
Junior Lake T05 R01 NBPP
Katahdin Lake T03 R08 WELS
Keg Lake Lakeville Plt.
Kimball Pond T05 R08 WELS
La Pomkeag Lake (Lower) T08 R07 WELS
La Pomkeag Lake (Upper) T08 R07 WELS
Lawton Pond Mount Chase
Lombard Lake Lakeville Plt.
Lost Pond T07 R07 WELS
Lowell Lake Carroll Plt.
Lunksoos Lake T04 R07 WELS
Madagascal Pond (Big & Little) Burlington
Marden Pond T01 R08 WELS
Matagamon Lake T06 R08 WELS
Mattamiscontis Lake T02 R09 NWP
Mattamiscontis Lake (Little) T03 R09 NWP
Mattanawcook Pond Lincoln
Medunkeunk Lake T02 R09 NWP
Messer Pond T05 R08 WELS
Messer Pond (Little) T05 R08 WELS
Mill Privilege Lake T05 R01 NBPP
Millimagassett Lake T07 R08 WELS
Millinocket Lake T01 R08 WELS
Mountain Catcher Pond T06 R08 WELS
Mower Pond Corinna
Mud Pond Stetson
Nokomis Pond Newport
Nollesemic Lake Hopkins Acad Grant
Number Three Pond T03 R01 NBPP
Parks Pond Clifton
Patten Pond Hampden
Peaked Mountain Pond T04 R07 WELS
Pemadumcook Chain of Lakes T4, Indian Purchase
Pickerel Pond Alton
Pickett Mountain Pond T06 R06 WELS
Pleasant & Mud Lakes T06 R06 WELS
Pleasant Pond Stetson Pond Stetson
Plymouth Pond Plymouth
Puffers Pond Echo Lake Dexter
Pug Lake (Lower) Lakeville Plt.
Pug Lake (Upper) Lakeville Plt.
Pug Pond Alton
Pushaw Lake Old Town
Pushaw Pond (Little) Hudson
Round Pond Grey Pond Plymouth
Round Pond Lee
Round Pond Soldiertown Twp.
Round Pond (Little) Lincoln
Rush Pond Herseytown Twp.
Salmon Stream Lake T01 R06 WELS
Salmon Stream Lake (Little) T01 R06 WELS
Saponac Pond Grand Falls Twp.
Sawtelle Deadwater T06 R07 WELS
Scraggley Lake T06 R01 NBPP
Scraggly Lake T07 R08 WELS
Sebasticook Lake Newport
Seboeis Grand Lake T07 R07 WELS
Shin Pond (Lower) T05 R07 WELS
Shin Pond (Upper) Mount Chase
Silver Lake Mattakeunk Lake Lee
Smith Pond T3, Indian Purchase
Snag Pond Stump Pond Lincoln
Snowshoe Lake T07 R07 WELS
Spring Pond T06 R07 WELS
Swetts Pond Sweets Pond Orrington
Tracy Pond Hermon
Trout Pond Soldiertown Twp.
Trout Pond Lowell
Trout Pond Grand Falls Twp.
Upper Pond Lincoln
Wadleigh Pond T4, Indian Purchase
Wassookeag Lake Dexter
Weir Pond Lee
Weymouth Pond Corinna
Whitehorse Lake T07 R07 WELS
Wiley Pond Patten