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No Child Left Behind

B. Abstract: Higher Literacy for Washington County is a collaborative of all the schools in Washington County including the Seven High Need LEAs, SAD #19, SAD #37, Eastport, Jonesport, Machias, Pembroke, Wesley grades 4-12, with the University of Maine, Machias, and the Washington County Consortium for School Improvement (WCC) as partners. Dr. Julie Meltzer from the Center of Research Management and literacy expert/author will be working with the partners.  Improving student achievement and Teacher Quality for all High Needs teachers and for all staff members is at the heart of this project.

As a result of this project there will be:

  1. Increased student achievement through the increased numbers of highly qualified teachers by working with UMM, USM, Regional Teacher Development Center (RTDC),  the use of data for instruction, programming by school-based literacy teams, documentation by the coach, support for the struggling readers; and the development of a school literacy plan across the curriculum.
  2. Increased teacher capacity for literacy instruction for all learners through workshops, undergraduate courses, graduate courses, coaching and mentoring, book discussions, web resources, study groups, content groups, computer programs, and sharing from one site to another through ATM or Polycom.
  3. Sustainable, collaborative learning communities in each school.
  4. Leadership support at the regional and local level to sustain the project beyond the grant with structures and policies in place, and to drive the school’s action plan to successfully lead their school in this project.