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No Child Left Behind

In January of 2002, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 became law.  Title II, Part A of this legislation authorizes Federal Awards to State Agencies for Higher Education (SAHEs) for an Improving Teacher Quality competitive grant program.  The intent of this program is for partnerships to use funds to increase the academic achievement of all students by conducting research based professional development activities in core academic subjects to ensure that teachers, highly qualified paraprofessionals, and principals have subject-matter knowledge in the academic subjects they teach, including computer-related technology to enhance instruction. 

The Improving Teacher Quality competitive grant has specified that particular partners be involved.  The objective is to combine the strong disciplinary expertise of the college of arts and sciences faculty and the instructional/pedagogical expertise of the college of education faculty in order to improve student achievement in a high need LEA through professional development.  The Maine Department of Education has the opportunity to provide competitive grants to partnerships composed of, at a minimum:

      • One institution of higher education (IHE) that prepares teachers and principals,
      • One college of arts and sciences, and
      • One high need Local Educational Agency (LEA)

Additional partners may include other LEAs, educational training organizations, another IHE, a non-profit cultural organization, an entity carrying out a pre-kindergarten program, a teacher organization, a principal organization, or a business.  Partnerships of higher education, high need LEAs and other stakeholders will draw upon the strong disciplinary expertise of the faculty from higher education institutions to develop professional development activities that will effect improvements in student outcomes by providing teachers with strong content expertise.

 State Agency for Higher Education (SAHE) Improving Teacher Quality Grant Bidder’s Conference/Webinar May 6, 2014 – Recorded Webinar

State Agency for Higher Education (SAHE)

Content Literacy Learning Communities (CCLC)

Washington County Consortium for School Improvement (WCC)


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