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No Child Left Behind-Maine's Implementation of Paraprofessional Requirements

In Maine, this means all Educational Technicians who provide instruction in a Title IA position or in a Title IA schoolwide program must:

  1. hold the appropriate level of authorization (Ed. Tech. I, II, or III); AND
  2. meet the federal requirement to:
    • hold an Associate’s degree or higher; OR
    • have forty-eight semester hours from an accredited two-year and/or four-year college(s); OR
    • have a qualifying score on the ParaPro assessment


When one of the federal requirements is met, the Ed Tech must forward form EFC-308P for passing the ParaPro or form EFC-309P as a self-evaluation for college credits/degree to the LEA’s (Local Educational Agency) NCLBA Certification Contact Person in the district.  The Contact Person will forward the documentation to the State Certification Office.  Once accepted by the State, the Certification Office will issue a new authorization card  with the NCLBA endorsement code.