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Q1. Describe how the School Administrative Unit (SAU) affords reasonable opportunity for public comment on the NCLB consolidated application and considers such comment, prior to submission of the application.†† Sec. 9306(a)(7)



Q2. Describe the process the SAU uses to assist the State Educational Agency (SEA) to identify migrant children upon enrollment. Sec. 1309(2)



Q3. For contracted NCLB services, describe the process of developing and paying for the contract and identify the location and the personnel responsible at the SAU for maintaining the original, signed contract. EDGAR 80.36



Q4. If there is a non-public school receiving Title IA, Title IIA, and/or Title III services, describe the consultation process to determine these services. Sec. 1120(b), Sec. 9501(b)(3)



Q5. Describe the process the SAU uses to procure and pay for services for non-public schools. Sec.1120(c), Sec. 9501(b)(3)



Q6. Describe the SAUís data review process and how this informs the design of the Title IA program. Sec. 1112(f) & Sec. 1115(c)(2)


Q7. If the SAU has any Title IA CIPS schools, describe how the results of the annual review of CIPS plans at each school is used for future school improvement planning.Sec.1116(a)(1)(D)



Q8a. Describe how the needs of parents are determined for Title IA parent training programs. Sec. 1118(e)



Q8b. Describe the training program developed for parents of Title IA students. Sec. 1118(e)



Q8c. Describe how Title IA parental training programs are evaluated for effectiveness.

Sec. 1118(e)



Q9.If the SAU is required to have a Parent Involvement Reservation [Title IA allocation greater than $500,000], describe how Title IA parents at each school assist in determining how these funds will be expended. Sec. 1118(a)(3)



Q10. If the SAU has Education Technicians paid with Title IA funds, describe how they are supervised? Sec. 1119(g)(3)



Q11. Describe how the SAU ensures that all Title IA staff, including Education Technicians, has the opportunity to participate in Professional Development (PD) offerings. Sec. 1119(g)(3)



Q12. Describe the notification and dissemination process for the NCLB report card and summary.How are parents notified when the report card is available?Where is the information located?Include the weblink if available online. Sec. 1111(h)(2)(E) A-3 and A-4.


Q13. If PD activities are carried out under Title IIA, describe how the SAUís teachers, paraprofessionals, principals, other relevant school personnel, and parents collaborate in the planning of the PD activities.Sec. 2122 (b) (7)



Q14. Provide a summary of results of the staff needs assessment for professional development and hiring, as identified by the SAU and school staff.Sec. 2122(c)(1)

Such needs assessment shall be conducted with the involvement of teachers, including teachers participating in programs under Title 1A, and shall take into account the activities that need to be conducted in order to give teachers the means, including subject matter knowledge and teaching skills, and to give principals the instructional leadership skills to help teachers, to provide students with the opportunity to meet challenging State and local student academic achievement standards.


Q15. Provide the name of the current Homeless Liaison and the date of the most recent Homeless Liaison training attended by this Liaison. Sec. 722 (f)(6)



Q16.†† Describe the process used to educate other staff about McKinney Vento.

Sec 722 (g)(6)(C)



Q17.†† Describe the process used to educate parents and youth about McKinney Vento. Sec 722 (g)(6)(A)



Q18.†† Describe outreach efforts employed to educate and collaborate with other community partners who work with homeless families and youth.Sec 722 (g)(5)(A)(B)



Q19.Describe how assistance is provided to families and youth with the dispute process.Sec 722 (g)(3)(E)



Q20. If the SAU has staff paid with Title III funds, describe how the SAU ensures that Title III funds are not used for non-allowable activities such as administering the ACCESS for ELLs©.Sec. 3115(g)







Documents to be provided:


D1. SAUís Lau Plan†††

The SAU is required to have a current Lau Plan that ensures equitable opportunity for participation of English Learner. Title VI Civil Rights Act, 1964 USC Sec. 2000d and Equal Education Opportunities Act, 1974, 20 USC.Sec. 1703(a)-(f)



D2.A copy of the Title IA consultation notes/minutes with non-public school officials if a non public school accepts Title IA services. Sec.1120 (b) example responses throughout the document


D3. Yearly parent notification of the SAU's student directory information policy, either through Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or NCLB.Sec.9528



D4. Parent notification of their right to request the professional qualifications of their child's teacher in Title IA schools.Sec.1111(h)(6)(A)


D5.Letter or notice to parents in a Title IA school if their child has been assigned, or has been taught for four or more consecutive weeks by, a teacher who has not met the highly qualified teacher requirements.Sec. 1111(h)(6)(B)



D6.The written notice to all staff concerning Staff Code of Conduct covering procurement issues including conflict of interest, gratuities and violations. EDGAR 80.36 (b)



D7. For staff paid with NCLB federal funds, the most recent copies of bi-annual certification(s) for single funding stream staff and monthly activity reports for staff paid with multiple funding streams. Sec. OMB Circular A-87(h)(4)


D8.Title IA letter/notice to parents/guardians to inform them that their child has been selected for Title IA services in Targeted Assistance Schools. Sec.1118 (c) (4)


D9.The SAU Parent Involvement Policy. Sec.1118 (a) & (e)

The SAU is required to have a written Parent Involvement Policy that is developed jointly with parents and describes how the SAU will:a. Involve parents in the Title IA plan (Consolidated Grant Application); b. Assist schools in parent involvement activities to improve student academic achievement; c.Build capacity for parent involvement; d. Coordinate parent involvement with other programs such as Head Start; e. Conduct, with the involvement of parents, an annual review of the policy.††† See Appendix D



D10. School Level Parent involvement Policy. Sec.1118(c)(1) & (e)

Each Title IA school will have a written Parent Involvement Policy that describes how the school will: a. Hold an annual Title IA parent meeting;b. Provide opportunities for meetings with parents on a regular basis for decisions relating to the education of their child, such as parent conferences; c.Offer meetings at flexible times;d.Provide information about the Title IA program, school curriculum, assessments and proficiency levels; ande. Involve parents in the planning and review of the Title IA program. Appendix E, pgs. 53-54



D11.Title IA School Written Parent/School Compact. Sec. 1118(d)(1)

Each Title IA school will have a written Parent/School Compact that:a. Indicates how the school will provide instruction that enables the student to meet academic achievement standards;b. Indicates how the parents will support their childís learning; andc. Addresses the importance of ongoing communication.†† Appendix E, pgs. 51-53



D12. Sample of any Title 1A communications sent to parents directly related to their childís progress. Sec. 1118(d)(2)



D13.The process and procedures for annual Highly Qualify Teacher (HQT) review of teacher records. Sec.1119 & Maine HQ Toolkit.

This is often a section of the SAUís Professional Development Plan, Local Certification Committee Plan, or is kept with the HQT records and forms.



D14. Financial Ė A copy of the most recent reimbursement invoice and expenditure run from the SAUís accounting system to support the reimbursement for Title IA and at least one other title Ė Title IIA, Title III or Title VI. EDGAR Part 80.21 and Administrative Letter 42, Policy Code KL, dated 6/7/11. Federal Grant Reimbursement System Login



D15. Financial system expenditure reports for the past fiscal year for Titles IA, IIA, III and VI. Summarize salary/benefit runs by Title by Staff and provide detail runs by Title for all other expenditures. EDGAR 76.702, 76.730, Part 80, Subpart C







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