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Updated 03/26/13...dck

No Child Left Behind-Guidance

Title IA Parent Involvement-Word Document   Sec 1118


Title IA ARRA Fiscal Guidance   Sec 1120A

  Using Title IA ARRA Funds   Sec 1115
  Fiscal Guidance-Word Doc   Sec 1120A
  Targeted Assistance Guidance Old 1196   Sec 1196 
  Schoolwide Guidance-Word Doc  Sec 1114


Paraprofessional Guidance-Word Document   Sec 1119


Private School Services to Eligible Students-Word Document    Sec 1120 Toolkit in PDF Sec 1120


Public School Choice-Word Document   Sec 116(b)(1)(E)


Report Card Guidance-Word Document   Sec 1111(h)


School Improvement Guidance-Word Document  Sec 1116(b)


Standards & Assessment Guidance-Word Document Sec 1111


Supplemental Services Guidance-Word Document Sec 1116(b)(10   and  Sec 1116(e)


Serving Pre-School Children Under Title I-Word Document Sec 1115 PDF 3/26/13


ID of Title I Schools & Distribution of Funds-Word Document   Sec 1113

  Title IA Overview Powerpoint

Title IC

Migrant Education Program Guidance-Word Document

Title ID

Neglected, Delinquent, and At-Risk Youth - Word Document

Title IIA

Improving Teacher Quality Guidance-Word Document

Title IID

Educational Technology Guidance - Word Document

Title III

Part I Non-regulatory Guidance on Implementation of Title III State Formula Grant

  Non-regulatory Guidance for the Title III State Formula Grant Program, Part II Standards, Assessment and Accountability
  Final Interpertations of Title III of ESEA (2008)

Title IV

Safe & Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Guidance-Word Document


Title IV Coordinator's Handbook


Gun Free Schools-Word Document

Title V

Innovative Program Guidance-Word Document

Title VI

Rural Education Achievement Program Guidance-Word Document

Title VII-B

McKinney-Vento Homeless Guidance-PDF



Title IX

Access to Student Info by Military Recruiters


Transferability Guidance-Word Document