School Safety

School buildings and classrooms must be safe environments – both physically and emotionally – for students to achieve and grow.

  • Combating & Preventing Bullying. The Maine Department of Education offers schools training, resources and model practices for cultivating a school environment free of bullying and harassment.
  • Management of Chemicals in Schools. Maine's school districts are annually required to prepare an inventory of all chemicals stored in their buildings, craft a chemical hygiene plan and provide for the safe storage of such materials.
  • Playground Safety. State guidelines and national handbook for keeping school playgrounds safe for children.
  • Resources in aftermath of tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School
  • Restraints & Seclusion. Information on the recent rule (Ch. 33) change that governs the use of restraints and seclusion, including the requirements and application information for required training programs.
  • School Security. Prepare your schools for all-hazards emergencies.