Comprehensive School Review

The standards and procedures that govern career and technical instruction at the secondary level in the State of Maine are set forth in Maine Department of Education Rule Chapter 232, "Standard Criteria for Maine Secondary Vocational Programs."

In 2001, Maine DOE's Career and Technical Education (CTE) team researched the current standards in technical education review materials and assimilated appropriate items along with concepts and requirements in Maine DOE Rule Chapters 125 and 127, which deal with curriculum, instruction and assessment. CTE also incorporated its best thinking with respect to changes in Rule Chapter 232, defining quality programs.

The comprehensive school review process is designed to serve two interrelated but distinct functions: public accountability and institutional improvement.

  • Overview (PDF, 304KB). Read the complete process for a comprehensive school review.
  • Schedule, listed below. These schools are visited by Maine DOE staff or they may be reviewed by New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC), combined with a State Methods of Administration and Perkins review.

Secondary CTE School Review Schedule

*School uses NEASC for comprehensive school review - F=Fall and S=Spring
Center Location Next Full Next Mid
Capital Area Technical Center Augusta 2023-2024 F 2020-2021 F
Region 4, United Technologies Center Bangor 2024-2025 F 2020-2021 S
Bath Regional Career and Technical Center Bath 2020-2021 S 2023-2024 S
Region 10 Technical High School Brunswick 2020-2021 F 2024-2025 S
St. Croix Regional Technical Center Calais 2019-2020 S 2022-2023 S
Caribou Technology Center Caribou 2018-2019 S 2021-2022 S
Tri-County Technical Center Dexter 2021-2022 S 2018-2019 F
Hancock County Technical Center Ellsworth 2024-2025 S 2021-2022 F
Foster Technology Center Farmington 2022-2023 S 2019-2020 F
St. John Valley Technology Center Frenchville 2018-2019 S 2022-2023 F
Region 2, Southern Aroostook County* Houlton 2017-2018 2022-2023
Lewiston Regional Technical Center* Lewiston 2021-2022 2026-2027
Region 3, Northern Penobscot Technical Center Lincoln 2019-2020 S 2023 2024 F
Coastal Washington County Institute of Technology Machias 2019-2020 S 2022-2023 S
Region 9, School of Applied Technology Mexico 2022-2023 F 2018-2019 S
Lake Region Vocational Center Naples 2018-2019 F 202102022 S
Region 11, Oxford Hill Technical High School* Norway 2020-2021 2025-2026
Portland Arts & Technology High School Portland 2020-2021 S 2023-2024 S
Presque Isle Regional Career & Technical Center Presque Isle 2024-2025 F 2021-2022 F
Region 8, Mid-Coast School of Technology Rockland 2021-2022 F 2018-2019 F
Sanford Regional Technical Center Sanford 2019-2020 F 2022-2023 S
Somerset Career and Technical Center Skowhegan 2023-2024 S 2020-2021 S
Van Buren - MSAD #24 Van Buren 2018-2019 S 2022-2023 F
Region 7, Waldo County Technical Center Waldo 2020-2021 F 2023-2024 S
Mid-Maine Technical Center Waterville 2019-2020 F 2023-2024 F
Westbrook Regional Vocational Center* Westbrook 2019-2020