Technical Assistance Plan

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The purpose of providing technical assistance is to support school administrative units (SAUs) and schools with areas of challenge while also highlighting and sharing areas of excellence. Through collaborative partnerships, the Department and SAUs will work together to improve the opportunity for students to demonstrate what they know and can do.  As a part of the technical assistance process, SAUs will continue to observe assessment administration conducted in schools through the utilization of an online observation tool provided by Maine DOE. SAUs will continue to follow the guidelines and requirements for assessment security and administration of the state assessments administered within the SAU. 


Technical Assistance Plan Booklet

Technical Assistance Plan Booklet Downloadable (PDF)

Table of Contents:


Statewide Assessment Technical Assistance

Maine DOE Technical Assistance Identification

Review Process

Assessment Administration

Assessment Security

Assessment Administration for Special Populations - Students with Disabilities & English Learners

Assessment Participation

Assessment Results and Reports

Appendix A: Notification Letter

Appendix B: SAU Identification Process

Appendix C: Sample Online Maine Science & General ELA & Mathematics Assessment Observation: Form via Qualtrics Survey

Appendix D: Sample School Interview via Qualtrics Survey

Appendix F: Laws & Regulations Related to Monitoring

Federal Requirements

Peer Review Guidance Documents

Additional Guidance from Maine DOE