ESSA Advisory

The ESSA Advisory was convened by the Department in the Fall of 2016 with the specific goal of providing feedback regarding the development of Maine’s ESSA Plan. The Advisory group met on a regular basis during the past two years. Upon approval of Maine’s Plan, the ESSA Advisory has continued to review and provide feedback as accountability and school support models evolve and as Maine has prepared for full implementation of ESSA. 

The group is geographically diverse with representation from key stakeholder groups including but not limited to Superintendents, Parents, School Teaching staff, Central Office staff, Principals and Board Members. Each member of the Advisory Group self-selected a work group  – Accountability, School Improvement or Consolidated Application -  in which they  participate in order to advise, recommend, and provide input on elements included in Maine’s Consolidated ESSA Plan.  

Advisory Meeting Agendas/Notes:


Advisory Group Members

  • Amy Johnson, MEPRI
  • Betsy Chapman, Parent
  • Betsy Webb, Superintendent
  • Bob Kautz, Charter Commission
  • Candy Crane, Principal
  • Chris Indorf, Asst. Superintendent
  • Daniel Chuhta, Asst. Superintendent
  • David Bridgham, Business Manager
  • Deb Hogate, Maine Literacy
  • Doug Larlee, Teacher
  • Victoria Bucklinn, School Board
  • Fern Desjardins, State Board of Education
  • Gail Cressey, NCLB Coordinator 
  • Heather Perry, Superintendent 
  • Jennifer Michaelis, Teacher
  • Jessica Sturges, EL Teacher 
  • Kathryn Marseglia, School Board Member  
  • Kathy Germani, NCLB Coordinator    
  • Kimberly Bianco, ESSA Coordinator 
  • Lora Travers Moncure, EL Teacher
  • Mary Ann Spearin, Principal
  • Kate Hersom, Director of Student Interventions
  • Matt Drewette-Card, Director of Curriculum
  • Pender Makin, Asst. Superintendent
  • Phillip Portenziano, Asst. Superintendent
  • Heather Blanchard, Principal
  • Mary Nadeau, Principal
  • Ray Poulin, Former Superintendent and Deputy Commissioner
  • Robert Kahler, Principal
  • Jodi McGuire, Special Education
  • Susan Lieberman, Count Me In
  • Terry Wood, Superintendent



To request meeting materials from any of the past meetings or if you are interested in getting involved or receiving further information, email