CDS Related Forms

The following are the forms that the Maine Department of Education Special Services team requires, forms that are for local use as required and forms for local use that are optional.

The Maine State Required Forms Procedural  Manual. (PDF, 1.6MB) The Department, in collaboration with a group of special education administrators, developed this manual as a resource for educators looking for guidance in the proper use and interpretation of the Maine state required forms. Currently containing sections covering the IEP, Written Notice, Summary of Performance and Form for the Determination of Adverse Effect on Educational Performance, the Manual, when completed, will include a section for each of the required forms.

Resolution Options

  1. Due Process Hearing Request Form
  2. Due Process Complaint Investigation or Stand-Alone Mediation Request Form
  3. Due Process Systemic Complaint Request Form
  4. Due Process Procedures & Forms

MS Word (2010) versions of the following forms (Effective 08/01/2017)
These forms have not been locked or restricted. Please do not alter any part(s) or configuration of the form