Frequently Asked Questions

This Maine Unified Special Education Regulations frequently asked questions document has been developed by the internal IDEA Team at the Maine Department of Education. Questions were posed at the regional trainings that were co-sponsored with MADSEC and those sponsored by the Maine Parent Foundation in the spring. In addition, the team has entered other frequently asked questions. The Department has utilized the federal response to comments document as a primary source of responses to the questions posed in Maine, as the federal document serves as an interpretive document.

Throughout the document any references to 34CFR  �303 or  �300 are to the federal IDEA regulations and references to MUSERS is to the Maine Unified Special Education Regulation.

Browse by MUSER topics below. These pages serve as a clarification resource and will be updated periodically as new questions are posed in the field. See our list of acronyms that are used throughout the MUSER pages.

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