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Special Considerations Mini-Series- Spring 2022

A Special Consideration is a request for a student to be exempt from participation in a required Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) due to medical reasons. This request must be submitted within the open assessment window of each specific applicable assessment. Following are three mini webinars that will guide you through the process of making a special considerations request.

Part I:  What is a Special Consideration?

Part II: Information Needed for a Special Considerations

Part III: Filling Out a Special Considerations Request


Maine Science Assessment - Spring 2022 Window Extension 

Recognizing the ongoing challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed for Maine School Administrative Units (SAUs), schools, students, and families, the Maine Department of Education (DOE) and our Assessment Team would like to ensure that the maximum flexibility possible is provided to support educators and students.

As such, the Maine Science assessment windows, will be extended a further two weeks. The revised assessment administration dates are as follows:

Assessment Window Original Assessment Window Extended Assessment Window
Grades 5 & 8 05/02 – 05/13/2022 05/02 – 05/27/2022
3rd year of High School 05/16 – 05/27/2022 05/16 – 06/10/2022


This extension will have a downstream effect on the receipt of data and reports. For the specific impact to dates, please see the table below. 

Assessment Administration, Scoring, and Reporting Components  Original Timeline   Revised Timeline  
Grades 5 & 8 assessment window  05/02 – 05/13/2022  05/02 – 05/27/2022 
HS assessment window   05/16 – 05/27/2022  05/16 – 06/10/2022 
Support Desk  04/04 – 06/03/2022  04/04 – 06/17/2022 
Rangefinding/Benchmarking  06/09 – 07/11/2022  06/13 – 07/21/2022 
Standard Setting  07/21 – 07/27/2022  07/25 – 07/29/2022 
Operational scores delivered to MDOE  08/29/2022  08/31/2022 
Combined Field Test and Operational scores delivered to MDOE  09/16 – 09/22/2022  10/13 – 10/19/2022 
*updated 3/11/2022     


We hope the additional time allotted will provide some level of reprieve from the multitude of demands SAUs are facing, as well as ensuring all students have the equitable opportunity to participate in these assessments. For further information or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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Assessment Administration Coordination Checklist

Assessment Administration Coordination Checklist - The purpose of this checklist is to streamline the processes and communication between the Responsible SAU and a student’s Attending Program, including but not limited to regional programs, 60/40 private schools, and special purpose private schools both in and out of the State, to ensure a smooth assessment administration.