Aquaculture Laws and Regulations


See Chapter 2 for aquaculture lease requirements and procedures.


§6071 Importing of live marine organisms
§6072 Research and aquaculture leases
§6072-A Limited-purpose lease for commercial or scientific research
§6072-B Emergency aquaculture lease for shellfish
§6072-C Limited-purpose aquaculture license
§6072-D Aquaculture Management Fund
§6073 Exclusivity; prohibition or interference
§6073-A Minimum size exemption; aquaculture
§6074 Special license
§6075 Pathology program
§6076 Marine Shellfish Toxins Monitoring Program
§6077 Aquaculture monitoring program
§6078-A Aquaculture monitoring, research and development fund
§6079 Aquacultural use of antibiotics; notice
§6080 Aquaculture Advisory Council
§6081 Aquaculture Research Fund
§6673 Municipal shellfish aquaculture permit