Frequently Asked Questions - Affordable Assisted Living Facility Services

How do I apply for services?

I am currently receiving Home and Community Services in another state but will be moving to Maine. Am I automatically eligible for services in Maine?

  • No. Due to the fact that eligibility requirements vary from state to state, you must apply for Maine based benefits.

Besides a completed application, are there any other required documents needed to determine eligibility?

  • When you apply for MaineCare, you may be asked to provide some or all of the items below:
  • Copy of Power of Attorney, Conservator, or Guardianship documents
  • Documentation of all income sources and amounts (with the exception of Social Security and SSI)
  • Documentation of the value for property that is not the applicant's residence
  • Copies of health insurance cards including Medicare
  • Documentation of health insurance payments
  • Copy of trust agreement where the applicant is a grantor or beneficiary
  • Copy of annuity contract
  • Copy of life insurance policies owned by the applicant and/or their spouse
  • Copy of prepaid burial contracts
  • Declaration of contents held in safety deposit box
  • Documentation of liquid assets owned currently by the applicant and/or spouse, or those that have their name on them. These include:
    • Current statements on all savings and checking accounts, certificate of deposits, IRA or other investments
    • Copy of savings bonds that the applicant or spouse have an interest

Note that DHHS is expected to review the 60 months prior to application to determine if the applicant or their spouse gave away something of value without receiving equal value in return. This is called a 'transfer of asset,' and depending on what was transferred, when and to whom, it may result in a penalty. The penalty is based on the value of the transfer and results in a period of months MaineCare will not pay long term care expenses on behalf of the individual. To do this review we request:

  • Statements on all savings and checking accounts, certificate of deposits, IRA or other investments for the prior 12 months, and the statement on that same account for month 60 prior to application.
  • Documentation of values and use of all assets cashed in, closed, sold, transferred or otherwise liquidated during the 60 months prior to application.

Do not delay applying because something is not immediately available to you. This information can be obtained later in the interview process.

Am I required to use the facilities service provider?

  • Yes, the service provider has an exclusive contract to provide services in the facility. However if at any time you wish to discontinue certain services, you cannot be evicted from the facility simply because you no longer want the services.

Where can I find other housing options?

  • Please visit the for available options
  • Please visit MaineHousing  website for a list of subsidized housing options by county.