Maine Oral Health Program

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

The Maine CDC Oral Health Program is pleased to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month. Please see the following resources for more information.

On November 2, 2022 the Maine Dental Board released an important notice of a health advisory issued by the US CDC regarding Nontuberculous Myobacteria (NTM) Infections. For more information please consult the Maine State Dental Board’s notice (PDF) or the US CDC’s notice here: HAN Archive - 00478 | Health Alert Network (HAN) (

Healthcare for ME initiative

Press release: “Health care employers with fewer than 100 employees across their system who accept MaineCare, may apply for training funds to address staff recruitment and retention issues stemming from the pandemic. All employers and individuals may start to apply for training funds on May 2, 2022.“

Become a compact member

The Center for Tobacco Independence (CTI) has numerous educational opportunities relating to Tobacco and Nicotine use. The trainings include topics like brief interventions, updates on electronic cigarettes and tips from a tobacco treatment specialist. These opportunities can also provide CME/CEUs.

For more information about these upcoming trainings please see this attached brochure (PDF).

For more information about CTI and their other offerings please visit their webpage at Tobacco Cessation Education | Center for Tobacco Independence

Updated Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Covid-19

The CDC has updated its infection prevention and control (IPC) guidance for healthcare settings for the COVID-19 Pandemic. These updates do not contain substantial changes in recommended practices but, rather, have primarily been made to streamline and consolidate existing healthcare IPC guidance so that it is applicable to multiple settings and scenarios, which will make it easier to for healthcare providers to find relevant guidance. As a part of this update, multiple setting-specific guidance documents such as those for dental offices, assisted living facilities, emergency medical services, and dialysis clinics have been streamlined and combined into the main IPC guidance for healthcare settings.

The updated Infection Control Guidance for Healthcare Professionals about Coronavirus (COVID-19) is applicable to all U.S. settings where healthcare is delivered, including dental settings. Dental healthcare personnel (DHCP) should refer to this guidance, which includes a section specific to dental settings, for infection control considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Updates to the interim IPC recommendations include:

  • Clarified source control recommendations for HCP, patients, and visitors, to better align with community guidance including limited circumstances where fully vaccinated individuals could choose not to wear source control.
  • Updated quarantine recommendations for fully vaccinated patients with exposure to SARS-CoV-2 to be consistent with community guidance.

Healthcare personnel continue to be on the front line of the nation’s fight against COVID-19. By providing critical care to those who are or might be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, some healthcare personnel are at increased risk of infection from COVID-19. CDC recommends healthcare personnel get vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as possible.

DHCP should regularly consult their state dental boards and state or local health departments for current information and recommendations and requirements specific to their jurisdictions, which might change based on level of community transmission in the county where their healthcare facility is located. As a reminder, DHCP are licensed by their state regulatory body and should practice according to their state dental practice acts or other relevant regulations.

CDC continues to update public health guidance documents based on the best available science. You can find the most up-to-date information about infection prevention and control practices on CDC’s COVID-19 page.

Dental Clinics and Services for Maine Residents (PDF) - This directory (revised January 2021) provides detailed descriptions of Maine's dental clinics and services including requirements and restrictions and is meant to provide a resource for health and social services providers likely to be assisting clients in obtaining the dental care they need.

Maine's School Oral Health Program Handbook (PDF) - This handbook was created to assist school administrators, dentists, dental hygienists, nurses and volunteers successfully implement the School Oral Health Program.

osha covid-19 cover Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

Patient Guidance Form - Maine (PDF)

Our Vision:

Maine people will have an improved quality of life through optimal oral health.

Our Mission:

The Oral Health Program seeks to improve the oral health of Maine people through:

  • Public leadership in assisting community initiatives to prevent, control and reduce oral diseases;
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating programs for oral health promotion and disease prevention;
  • Statewide coordination and integration of community based oral health services through increased access and removal of barriers.