Landslide Sites and Areas of Landslide Susceptibility Maps

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What are areas of landslide susceptibility?

Landslides are a common geologic hazard in Maine. Although they usually occur on a small scale and cause minimal damage, recent increased damage from landslide activity in the state has raised awareness of this hazard and has demonstrated the need to examine the landslide threat on a regional basis. Areas susceptible to future landslides are mapped based on geologic and terrain-related risk factors. The primary geologic factor influencing landslide susceptibility is sediment grain size. Geologic mapping shows that a majority of earth movements occur in fine-grained sediments such as clay, silt, and mud, which are prone to move by slumping, sliding, or creep when saturated with water. The most important terrain-related risk factor influencing slope stability is the steepness of the slope. Additional terrain-related risk factors that increase landslide susceptibility include slope aspect, slope curvature, and local relief.

Landslide Sites and Areas of Landslide Susceptibility Maps

Landslide Susceptibility Maps show locations and types of known landslides and areas susceptible to future landslide activity in southern Maine. The map explanation (pdf) and map sidebar (pdf) contain additional information describing geologic and terrain-related factors influencing landslide risk.

Uses of landslide susceptibility information

This map can be used to identify areas with historical landslide activity and to identify areas that are susceptible to future landslide activity. In these areas, additional steps should be undertaken before construction or other development is started that could be at risk due to a future landslide.

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Last updated on July 15, 2015