National Invasive Species Awareness Week: Tapped out?

February 26, 2023

Are you tapped out on National Invasive Species Awareness Week?

Find a sweet spot! Maine Maple Sunday is coming next month. What sweeter reason is there to learn how to keep our trees healthy than the syrup we celebrate in March?

We understand thinking about invasive species can leave you feeling tapped out. We ask you to tap into the power that knowledge of these organisms gives you to slow their spread or even stop them.

Share what you have learned with others. Get outside and see the trees with a different lens.

#NISAW #InvasiveSpecies #KnowledgeIsPower #MaineMaple

Continue to build knowledge. Did you know...
...jumping worms degrade forest soil?

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...Asian longhorned beetles threaten maples and other hardwood trees?

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