Agricultural Water Management Program

Water is essential to successful agriculture. While Maine has abundant water resources, weather patterns can be highly variable. Soils can become saturated or droughty in the same year. Farms need to be resilient to conditions of drought and drenched soils, as well as extremes of heat and cold. The Division conducts research and establishes strategic plans for development of irrigation and water resources for agriculture in Maine.

  • Agricultural Water Management Board - The board works in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Protection to oversee and coordinate environmentally sound and affordable development of water sources for agricultural use.
  • Current Water Conditions - Current water conditions are monitored by a variety of federal and state agencies.  This page provides information on current surface and ground water conditions, as well as trends and outlooks for drought or flooding.
  • Planning for Water Needs - The key to drought management is to plan ahead. This page provides information on basic water conservation techniques, agricultural water management plans, and environmental permits.
  • Sources of Assistance - The US Department of Agriculture and the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry have a variety of programs and agencies that may be able to provide technical or financial assistance for water resource management.