Act Now: Support Maine's Companion Animals with Your Tax Return

March 28, 2024

Transform the lives of Maine's pets by making a powerful choice this tax season. Participate in supporting companion animal welfare by graciously and voluntarily contributing to the Companion Animal Sterilization Fund when you file your income tax return.

It's as easy as marking the designated box labeled "The Companion Animal Sterilization Fund" on your Maine State 1040ME Schedule CP.

Your voluntary contribution will significantly improve the health and well-being of countless furry companions across the state.

The Companion Animal Sterilization Fund isn't just about monetary assistance; it's about creating lasting change. Through this program, deserving individuals receive help with the vital procedures of spaying and neutering, enriching both the lives of pets and their owners.

But don't stop there. Are you looking to extend your impact even further? Consider these additional ways to support Maine's vital animal health community:

  • Select the "Support Animal Welfare" license plate - a small choice with huge benefits. Proceeds from this plate are split evenly between two critical areas: the Animal Welfare Auxiliary Fund and the Companion Animal Sterilization Fund.
  • Donate your vehicle transform an old car into a lifeline for needy animals. Your generous donation directly supports essential programs and initiatives when you support animal health.
  • Rally your community organize fundraisers and events to champion the cause of companion animal health.
  • Volunteer your time lend a helping hand at your local animal shelter. Whether walking dogs, socializing cats, or assisting with administrative tasks, every contribution counts towards building a brighter future for Maine's companion animals.

The possibilities are endless, and the impact is immeasurable. Join us in making Maine a safer, healthier, and more compassionate place for all creatures.

Join the legacy of love and care that will resonate for generations.

Thank You.