Adult Community Corrections

Susan Gagnon, Director of Adult Community Corrections

State House Station 111
Tyson Building, AMHI Campus
Augusta, ME 04333-0111

Telephone: (207) 287-2711

Probation Services

Probation is a court-ordered term of community supervision with specified conditions for a determinant period of time that cannot exceed the maximum sentence for the offense. It is imposed on an adjudicated offender who is placed under supervision in lieu of or subsequent to incarceration, with a requirement to comply with certain standards of conduct. The probationer is required to abide by all conditions ordered by the court. Violation of these conditions may result in revocation by the court and imposition of an underlying sentence which was imposed at the time the offender was sentenced to probation. The probationer is generally required to pay the cost of supervision to the State of Maine, and may have additional conditions requiring payment of restitution, court costs and fines, public service, various types of treatment.

The probationer is usually required to visit his/her supervising officer in the local field office at intervals related to their risk of re-offending as measured by a risk/need assessment tool. If the probationer's assessment places him/her in the higher risk of re-offending classifications, the officer will contact the offender at his/her home and place of employment in addition to maintaining contact with service providers and other community members.

The average number of adult offenders under supervision in the State of Maine is 7300.
Nationally more than 2,000 probation agencies supervise an estimated 3.2 million offenders.

Regional Offices

Adult Community Corrections is divided into three regions with numerous sub-offices. The main offices are in:

Adult Community Corrections Regions