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Maine Revenue Services
Real Estate Transfer Tax Declarations Online Service

Real Estate Transfer Tax Declarations Online Service

Maine Revenue Services is transitioning the online filing service for Real Estate Transfer Tax Declarations (RETTD) from this online InforME application to the Maine Tax Portal on October 15, 2024.

Originators (agents who are required to file a transfer tax declaration): The last day to add a new RETTD using this online service will be October 4, 2024. You may still provide paper RETTD documents to the Registries from October 7, 2024, through October 11, 2024.

Registries: The last day to accept or reject an RETTD submission using this online InforME application will be October 10, 2024. Registry review of new RETTD submissions will begin on the Maine Tax Portal on October 15, 2024.

Municipalities: Beginning on October 15, 2024, you will be able to access redacted RETTD filings for your municipality on the Maine Tax Portal. You will be able to print copies from the Portal also.

Note: Any RETTD submissions that are not accepted or rejected in this online InforME application by the Registries will not be transferred to the Maine Tax Portal. An Originator will need to begin with a new submission.

Any existing InforME application account usernames will not transfer to the Maine Tax Portal. A new Portal account username will need to be created when this functionality becomes available on October 15, 2024.

This online service allows Maine taxpayers the option of filing, viewing or searching their Real Estate Tax Transfer Declarations (RETTD) online.

To access the online service, new users must create an account by clicking the "Create an Account" button. Registries and municipalities must request an account from the Property Tax Division of Maine Revenue Services. Returning users may log in using their existing credentials.

Who can use this service?

  • Originators and providers required to file a tax transfer declaration
  • County Registries of Deeds
  • Municipalities

What you will need:

A valid log in. Originators and providers can create a new account by clicking the "Create an Account" button.  Registries and municipalities will need to contact the Property Tax Division to request an account.


Questions about this Service? Call: (207) 624-5606 or Email:

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