Bradbury Mountain State Park

Limited Access
Day Use
Parking:Accessible (Guide to Accessibility at Maine State Parks & Historic Sites 13 page PDF 279 KB)Accessible
Restrooms:Accessible Accessible
Picnic Tables:Accessible (Several located off path from ADA parking.)Accessible
Picnic area:Accessible with Assistance Accessible with Assistance
Playground:Somewhat Accessible (Uneven ground, wood chip base.)Somewhat Accessible
Trails:Not Accessible (Hiking trails around the Mt. are steep and uneven.)Not accessible
Group picnic shelter:Accessible Accessible
Overnight Use
Check In:Accessible Accessible
Campground:Accessible (Several accessible campsites are available.)Accessible
Restrooms:Accessible Accessible
Showers:Accessible Accessible

The definitions for access features are:
Accessible Accessible : Meets all standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Generally Accessible Generally Accessible: Meets most ADA standards and has few barriers. Some visitors with disabilities may need some assistance
Accessible with Assistance Accessible with Assistance: Meets some ADA standards and has some barriers. Many visitors with disabilities will require assistance
Somewhat Accessible Somewhat Accessible: Meets few ADA standards and has significant barriers. Most visitors with disabilities will need assistance
Not accessible Not accessible: Meets no ADA standards and has major barriers
Most people with disabilities, even with assistance, will be unable to access.